Live Lavishly

A lavish life is generous, sumptuous, extravagant and elaborate. Lavish is a feeling, a lifestyle, it is not the ‘things’ we collect. To me, lavish living is being fully alive, living in your personal truth, finding your unique voice, living in the world in a way that is the most fulfilling and exciting to you.

I believe that if we all lived lavishly the world would be healed because each of us would touch a different aspect of what needs healing.

I believe each of us has unique magic, our own personal lavish living, that the world needs. What I love to do is help people and companies figure out what lavish is for them and bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

I coach people so they get clear about their lavish life. Your lavish life is inside of you right now. I’m here to help you find it and follow its lead. Lavish people will change the world. Request Coaching Inquiry Form or check out my coaching package.


I teach people how to be emotionally intelligent leaders so they can be lavish leaders in their companies, their families and the world. Speaker Inquiry Form.


I work with companies and organizations to identify interpersonal and operational issues. Lavish businesses will change the world.  Consulting Inquiry Form.

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