Are you brave enough to fail?

I struggle with the idea of failure. Yet, the wildly successful people I know are willing to fail and fail often. I hate failing! It embarrasses me, I often feel shame. I brow-beat myself for whatever shortcoming I feel was the result of the failure.

But I want to be wildly successful so, fail I must. In failing I have an opportunity to learn something or stumble onto a better way.

I’ve risked failing by starting a new career at 53 years old. It’s not terribly logical to leave a cushy job with a good salary and benefits and a two mile commute to go out on my own as a coach, speaker and consultant.  I did it and I’m finding my way. I’ts only been three months and things are already different than I imagined. My business has taken shape in a way I didn’t expect. I’ve said yes to projects I wasn’t sure I was ready for. Could I fail. Yes I could. Even if the business is successful, there will be failures along the way. I want to be brave enough to look at them and learn from them. I don’t want to brush past them with excuses, “the economy was bad” or “It wasn’t my fault that no one sighed up for my seminar”.

When I fail I want to fail boldly. To do it with class and style. To own it and learn from it. You know, go big or go home.

Are you with me? What are you willing to fail at today?

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