“Fear is the cheapest room in the house…I’d like to see you in better living conditions.”  Hafiz

Fear is so easy. It infiltrates our lives in obvious ways and sometimes insidious ways.

I agree with the poet, Hafiz. It is the cheapest room in the house. I don’t want to live in fear or make decisions from a place of fear.

How do we break through fear? Challenge it. Fear usually starts with a thought. “It’s too risky to quit my job and do the work I love”, “I am afraid to fly in an airplane because it might crash”, what ever the fear is it probably starts with a thought.

Thoughts aren’t always true. They aren’t always real. You don’t have to believe them. It may seem radical but you don’t. How many times have you thought, “my friend is mad at me because she hasn’t returned my call in several days” or some similar story. Then you find out your friend was really busy or out of town and their getting back to you had nothing to do with you, let alone with being mad at you.

We all have thousands of thoughts a day and guess what, many of them are not true. I challenge you to challenge your thoughts. Ask yourself, “is that really true.” My thought, “I’ve had a tiring day, I need to go home and fix dinner and I don’t want to.” The thought adds to your feeling overwhelmed or overworked or it adds to your feeling of being tired. It’s a thought. What if it’s not true. Do you really have to fix dinner? Could you make other plans, pick up something on the way home, heat up left-overs, ask the kids or your spouse to cook. These may all seem impossible but they really aren’t. Your thoughts may tell you it’s impossible, but if you were going to die tomorrow and didn’t want to fix dinner tonight you probably wouldn’t.  The truth is, you don’t have to fix dinner tonight either.

Challenge your thoughts. Challenge your fears. Live in all the rooms in your house!

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