The power of action

I don’t know about you but I often contemplate new ideas or things I want to do hoping that by thinking about these things, imagining them, I can figure out whether they are really good ideas or good decisions for me.

What I’ve found lately is that it takes action for me to actually gain any true wisdom or direction. When it’s all imaginary, which it is when I’m just thinking about it, I feel confused or have a lack of clarity. This is when I get “stuck.” I’m not sure what to do. I don’t have clarity.

That’s where action comes in. Once I move into action, write the blog post, pick up the phone and call someone I’ve been wanting to collaborate with, or similar action steps, that’s when things start to happen. Sometimes that means I am affirmed in my decision but other times it is through action that I see how I’ve made the wrong decision or need to make some adjustments to my original idea.

Are you stuck? Are you wondering what to do? Take some action. It can be a small step. Don’t test your theory by diving off the high-dive. Put a bathing suit on and see how that feels. If that feels right, then go out to the pool. If it still feels right take a dive off the side of the pool. If all of those action steps feel good, then diving off the high-dive will probably work for you even if you’re scared. ¬†Even if you don’t wind up as an Olympic medalist, you’ll learn something that will take you to your next level.

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