Do you have BIG Dreams and Ideas?

Do you have BIG Dreams and Ideas?

I sure do! In today’s video, in addition to getting the full picture of how much I like to talk with my hands…we’re going to talk about big dreams and ideas. Here’s the catch, and all of you dreamers have experienced this: you start to move towards your dream and, BAM! Some stinking thought about how you’re not enough or don’t have enough will settle in.

Are you enough already? Do you have enough to go for those BIG dreams?

Hell yes! You are enough and you have enough. Right now. The seed of everything great is in you. Otherwise you wouldn’t have the great idea, someone else would.

These thoughts about not being enough are really important to me. I’ve had them hold me back and I see it with clients. Let’s slay those bad boys! Watch today’s video for how to do that.

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