Do you need a coach? 

We all need a coach from time-to-time. Think about it. Successful athletes always have a coach. Why is that? Because a coach can see what we can’t see. A coach can watch the athlete and see where her form needs improving, or where a change in routine will create an increased success rate. That’s how coaching is. We’ll talk about whatever is bothering you from issues at work, relationship issues, how to find your passion or how to bust through those upper limit problems. Maybe there is a destructive pattern in your romantic life that you’re sick of repeating (boy, do I get that one!), but whatever it is for you, the first thing we do is create an atmosphere of total acceptance. There’s no judgment in my coaching. We’ll work together to dissolve the thoughts that limit you, change old patterns and open up to the wisdom and magic that is inside of you.


Coaching Packages

Introductory Session – We’ll have a “get to know each other” session. You can share with me what you would like to get out of the coaching experience and I’ll share my coaching style with you.

Six Session Package – This is what works best for most clients. You’ll get six, one-hour sessions by phone or Skype. We’ll design your six sessions to best work with your schedule and goals. Most clients like to have two sessions pretty close together (two to three weeks) and then spread the remaining four out over a couple of months. This gives you time to work on the new strategies and insights learned in each previous session. All six sessions need to be used within six months of purchase.

Three Session Package – Once we have our introductory session you can decide if three sessions feels right. All three session need to be used within six months of purchase. 

Single Sessions – One and done can be the best at times. This is particularly popular with past clients who want a single session to check-in or fine-tune something they’ve been working on. For new clients, we can decide during your Introductory Session if this feels like the right strategy. 

Sessions are conducted by phone or Skype.

Introductory Session – Complimentary

Six Session Package – $850

Three Session Package – $495

Single Session – $175

Email me with your questions or to schedule a coaching session or introductory session.