Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Development Programs

Emotional intelligence accounts for over 70% of job performance in every type of work people do. This is all the more impactful is leadership. After years of observing, participating and creating leadership development programs I have experienced the significant improvement that increased emotional intelligence brings to all of us in our chosen work, particularly those in leadership roles. Because of that, I’ve designed several emotional intelligence and leadership development programs to facilitate change and growth for all who participate.


Emotional Intelligence Programs

I create programs on emotional intelligence designed to improve performance. I work with salespeople, company leadership, and volunteer leadership in non-profit associations/organizations. Emotional Intelligence is over 70% of a person’s job performance. When we improve emotional intelligence, everything improves. Programs are specifically designed for your audience and needs. Program length can be anywhere from an hour to an all-day program. Each program includes practical tools to increase emotional intelligence. These programs can be delivered in a face-to-face environment or webinar format. Complete the Emotional Intelligence Form to find out more.


Leadership Development Programs

I am passionate about helpingĀ companies increase the leadership skills of their current leaders and in cultivating a culture of leadership development. Vitality and growth come from the ability to attract new talent to your company, grow current staff into leadership rolls, and create succession plans for outgoing leadership. I create customized, comprehensive webinar style programs for leadership development training. These programs focus on the thought process of a leader, emotional intelligence, team building, and other interpersonal aspects of leadership. Empathy, personal awareness, social awareness, and the ability to communicate effectively transcend all job descriptions and titles. When your team grows in these skills it effects the entire organization. Complete the Leadership Development Program Form for more information.


Think Your Way to Success Program

In this program we tackle the limiting beliefs that keep us from being our best. Everyone has limiting beliefs and they stop us from living our best life, professionally and personally. We’ll use four simple questions to unlock the power of our limiting beliefs, dissolving them and experiencing how we might behave without the belief. Simple, yet powerful, this process will take you on a journey that leads to understanding and freedom. This program can be delivered in a one-on-one coaching environment. For groups, it can be face-to-face, teleconference or webinar style. Complete the Think Your Way to Success Form for more information.